Friday, March 30, 2007

Dark and Dizzy, and Evil Inside!

Computers with viruses.... They have Evil Inside! They must be exorcised!

What's worse than feeling like crap? Finally, blessedly falling asleep at 2AM because you're dizzy and nauseous and can't sleep well and having work call you two and a half hours later because there's an infected machine on the network.......Joy! So, into work to deal with that! Evil Inside....methinks FIRE is the cure!! Bwa ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!


David Louis Harter said...


I had just typed your name and the comma following it, when my comment was interrupted by AVG auto-updating! I am serious! What a coincidence!

I hope you soon locate and purge the viral infection, my friend.

- David

Chris said...

I believe you my firend!

FYI, I am now using avast anti virus which I feel is much better than AVG though I was an AVG proponent for years

Riley said...

Kill it!! Kill them all!!

People who write virii are like kids spitting from bridges, any skill in actually hitting your target is lost because they're a dumb punk who needs to do something productive and quit being annoying.

Chris said...

Liz, yes, there is no penalty too severe for these cretins, though I still maintain FIRE is the way to go!

Chris said...

David, as I was returning home from picking up my son Scott from school as I got to the last turn before my house I saw the car in front of me had a personailzed plate reading