Monday, March 05, 2007

Oh boy more snow!!!

Fun filled weekend with more snow; As Scott was having 3 friends sleep over I had to snow blow prior to those arrivals.

Due to my back pain I was half-tempted to call off the sleep over, but, I know Scott would be disappointed.

We headed over to the X's house so Scott and Danielle could pick up what they needed for the weekend. We stopped at Family Video for a game rental and then at Meijer's to lay in some supplies for the weekend.

We decided to eat at Boston Market for dinner, getting the usual family meal (A whole roasted chicken) with mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese as our side dishes.

By the time we returned to the car to head home it was completely covered in ice and sleet and the wind was blowing strongly. The road conditions were also deteriorating. We stopped at the X's house and the kids headed in while I kept the car warm. I could barely get up the X's driveway and told Danielle to wrap up Speedy's cage in something so she would not get a chill.

Speedy safely in the warm car, we got back home and Scott asked if I would take him out shopping for a cable. I declined, since, in addition to feeling poorly, the road conditions were getting worse by the minute!

A bit later Scott came back to tell me that his brother, who was staying at his Mom's to avoid the sleep over, had found the cable, so, risking life and limb we headed back and grabbed the cable. The roads, for the Mustang at least, were near impassible!

All I'll say about the rest of the evening was it was TOO LOUD! I got the boys settled down sleep around 12:30AM.
Saturday morning I headed out to snow blow again around 10:15 since in addition to the snow the wind had caused drifts of several feet in the driveway. I finished up and the friends were all gone by 12:30PM. I took Danielle for her OM meeting around 1PM and on the way back to pick her up we snagged Chris from his Mom's house and I took them to Red Robbin, this time being sure to take my ATM card with me after I paid! For the second visit in a row the service was excellent!

Saturday Evening Chris and I watched Star Trek: First Contact, my favorite Star Trek movie.
Sunday - Danielle and I headed off to Forest Hills Foods to get the ingredients needed for dinner. The store was not too crowded for 10:30 in the morning and between that and a quick run by her Mom's (and more fun in the driveway) we were back home and I had the spaghetti sauce a-boil my 11AM.

The most notable part about this day was Danielle's OM meeting where I got to see a preview of their presentation. It was awesome! She has the biggest speaking part, portraying a newscaster who is interviewing some scientists who have found dragons living on a small island off the coast of the United Kingdom. I had originally told her i might now attend due to my back but I am glad I did, as she had told me that was OK, once of the coaches told me she was bummed out that I might not be there. So, it was worth the effort and extra pain!

I also made home-made spaghetti sauce with pepperoni, sweet sausage, and pork loin in it. Added to that was some fresh basil and other spices, and Steve, I once again thank you for the Olive Oil as it too was used.

The X was waiting at my house when I returned with Danielle, and after heating up a plate of pasta and meat, She, Danielle, Scott and I watched Scrubs without Chris as he had departed earlier with his friend Jay to get some McDonald's. The X and I then watched Medium and they headed back to her house when that was over.

I discovered many things about the Beatles watching a BBC documentary show called The Beatles Biggest Secrets, I had NO idea! I also ended up watching the premier of another show on BBC, which was Robin Hood, which turned out to be very enjoyable.

In bed by 11PM though it took awhile to get to sleep; I could not get comfortable.

Wow - Useless fact - Note this post breaks the number of links, 10 in fact, I have used in a post before.

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