Thursday, March 08, 2007

Wednesday......Buffet and Wierd Dream Night!

Last night I went to bed around midnight and awoke around 4:30. I got up, used the bathroom, and headed back to bed. I sniffed and detected something 'not right' in the air, something very faint, tugging on my memory of a smell I have not smelled in quite awhile. I laid down and tried to get back to sleep but it was no use. I got up, and realized the smell was reminiscent of home heating oil, and I had smelled that same smell years and years ago as a child at my parents house one winter when the line from the tank to the furnace had sprung a leak.

The was strange because I have gas heat! I opened the front door and took a deep breath, other the the cold refreshing night air all I could detect was a trace of wood smoke, most likely from someones fireplace. I shut the door, and the smell persisted....very, very, faint, but still there.

I turned on the lights and headed down to the basement and checked everywhere; nothing wrong, all gas pilots lit (I though the smell might be a very small gas leak such as a pilot light being out), all in order.

I went back to bed and was able to fall asleep, where, I dreamed of smelling this smell. In the dream I got up and began to check the house.

While the upstairs of my house was much as it is in waking life, this all changed when I went down to the basement! Instead of the small, barely have a few inches in spots above my head basement, the dream one was huge! Cavernous in fact, stretching off into the horizon as far as the eyes could see!

The space was largely filled with assorted and complicated industrial machines of all shapes and sizes, all doing something, but I have no idea what. I kept walking and walking looking for the source of the smell.

It seemed in the dream that I had been walking for hours! Finally in the distance I saw sparks and soon came to a very large machine that, near the top had a rupture as if something had burst out from inside the machine. Sparks and smoke were pouring out this hole, and assorted fluids were dripping on the floor.

I thought to myself in the dream, here was the source of the smell and I turned this machine off (as now there was a big set of On/Off buttons). The machine shut down and that was that! The dream, satisfied, ended.

I woke up for work, and the smell was still there. I got dressed and again searched the house high and low. Nothing! "Great!" I am thinking, "Now I have to worry about this all day!". I opened the door to the garage and the smell of gasoline hit me in the face like a lead pipe. OK, bad analogy, teeth did not go flying, there was no blood, no pain, but it was a very sharp smell. I had filled up with gasoline just down the street on our way home last night and I guess some must have come out the overflow overnight, as, when I went to bed last night there was no smell and that was about 5 hours after the car had gone into the garage. Usually I fill up at Costco about 3.5 miles away, but, their price was actually 7 cents higher (first time ever!) than my local station. Mystery solved! After feeling like a Scooby Snack would be in order, I headed off to work.

Now that I have covered the weird dream, last night (Wednesday night) after I arrived home from work I spent about an hour cleaning up the place because with my back so sore the past week it had just deteriorated SO badly. I had less pain, so, I dug in and cleaned the kitchen, dining room, and living rooms. I also policed my bathroom which looked like a war zone, and was, for once, even messier than the kids bathroom at the end of them staying with me for a week!

That done I sat down and watched some scrubs with the boys, then got cleaned up, and we headed for Minado's, the Oriental buffet we go to. No link, because, they do not have a web site!

The kids and I really enjoyed the buffet last night! I also experienced some fine wasabi head rushes last night! Awesome!

We went at the height of the dinner hour so the food was nice and fresh. In addition to sushi, I also had some of the buffet traditional and stopped at the grill and had them make me a plate of grilled shrimp and vegetables, plus a nice plate of lo-mein.

My 18 year old would NOT try the wasabi, but, perhaps that was after he saw me put a teaspoon sized dollop on a Alaska Roll...well, perhaps my banging my head repeatedly on the table while yelling "Oh yea! That's the stuff! Whoo who!" might have put him off! I assured him it was most enjoyable!

I could go back there this evening if it were not for the fact that the X is coming over and will we all be having pasta made with my home-made pasta sauce complete with pepperoni, pork loin, and sweet, sweet Italian sausage! Since it will have to simmer somewhat this evening, I envision the meat will be even more tender!

Chunks of imported Romano cheese will be available for grating as well. It should be most tasty, in fact I can hardly wait!

After departing the buffet we returned a video game the kids had rented, and stopped to get gas for the Mustang. We arrived at my house, where Danielle finished her homework, and I watched TV with Scott. D joined us and we watched a Sabrina, before Chris came up at 8PM from playing on the computer, to drive them over to their Mom's.

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I enjoy dreams—both my own and those of others. Yours is a dandy!

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