Friday, March 02, 2007

Some snow shots

The snow we had on 2/26 was that very wet, very heavy snow. Yesterday it rained almost all day and heavily, yet there is still plenty of snow, now covered with a crust of ice! Here are some shots of the 2/26 snow followed by a shot of the snow today.

And yes, you can click on any of them to open a much larger version in a new browser window.

A shot taken 2/26 on the way out to work
The reflected flash on the right is from
the house across the street!
Note in the large version you can see the
reflected flash off of many snowflakes!

This is a shot I took on the way home

And another from the ride home

And a shot I took today (3/2) out the back slider.
You can clearly see the snow falling in this one


David Louis Harter said...


Good pictures, but BRRRRR!

I hope you soon fully recover from your fall, my friend!

- David

Chris said...

I just staggered out and did snow blowing as the eldest son will be home soon and I did not want him driving over the four inches of snow that has fallen thsi moring.

it was, much fun....not!

It was very cold and very windy....but it is done!