Thursday, March 01, 2007

Thinking of a friend

I saw the following on a friend's blog today; it immediately made me think of another friend who I miss a great deal and have not seen in a number of years now! Of course, only the friend will understand why this makes me think of them. The rest of you will scratch your heads and wonder why.....

I am sure he will see this, if not today, but in the near future.

On this day in history: March 1, 1932 - A man climbs a makeshift ladder to the 2nd floor of Charles Lindbergh's New Jersey home and snatches his twenty-month-old son, Charles Jr. Whoever took the baby left behind a poorly-written ransom note demanding $50,000 in small bills.


Steve from NJ said...

I want you to know that ever since I was accused of the crime (back in the day when we both labored for the same master (oops, I mean manager), I still have to protest my innocence even today. Even though I wasn’t born at the time, some people tell me “You’re just using that as an excuse.” In my worklife adventures since this first happened, additional accusations of involvement with the Hindenberg explosion and the Dallas grassy knoll have been added to the list of suspected wrong doings. (I’m innocent, I tell you!) But it doesn’t seem to matter these days. There isn’t a day that goes by when I’m not sorry that circumstances relocated us.

Chris said...

Ahhhhh, Steve my friend! I miss you too! It has been far, far too long!

(And I know you did not do it!)