Thursday, August 30, 2007

Cruising with Mr. Chris in the Mustang!

Christopher has four days off at college for the Labor Day weekend. He asked if he could come home this weekend (probably wants to see the cat and his friends) so I agreed to pick him up after work. It is about 210 miles round trip, compared to the 1500 miles i did last week going to/from New Jersey, this should be a short jaunt!

I took a rare lunch break at work and went out and took the Mustang through the car wash; it was dirty from the return trip from new Jersey this past weekend, and, since the weather is gorgeous and no rain is in site for five days at least, well, it must be resplendent for its cruise down the highway in the sun to pickup my son!

I sense that the Hot WIng recipe I posted here awhile back will be made this weekend!!!


David Louis Harter said...

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend, my friend! I intend to lounge and stay far from the highway. If I feel like expending the energy, I shall wax Mr. Nitro Saturday.

- David

Chris said...

Other than two spots where the traffic was bad the Mustang and I really enjoyed the cruise down Kettering, with stopping for some dinner and picking up my son we did 210 miles in a kittke over three hours. Down at Kettering I parked right next to a Mustang GT with the same body style and color as mine, from Colorado no less; I wish I had my camera with me it would have made an excellent picture!

Riley said...

Enjoy labor day - when is it? Why is it?? we brits dont get one :)