Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bad News - My Dad

With every good thing seems to come something not so good. To make a long story short my Dad is not getting any younger (he is in his 80's) and his health has not been the best, particularly his bad back. For years they have wanted to do surgery, but the procedure was always very risky with no guarantee of success.

Now, the pain has gotten so bad, he basically told me that he's rather die than deal with the pain. There is a new surgical procedure that is much less radical, here, only a four inch incision is made, verse major cutting and such with the other operation.

The downside is that my Dad had had heart problems and he has emphysema and asthma. His doctors have said he can have the surgery, but, there is a chance he may not live through it. If he does, there is a very good chance his quality of life will be vastly improved, so, pray for or send good thoughts his way! He is scheduled for September 18th.


Beverly said...

Such great news about Scott. Such anxious news about your father. Hope all goes well for both. I will think of you and yours often. Sending thoughts of goodness your way and theirs.

Chris said...

Bev- Thanks for your kind words and positive thoughts, you are often in my thoughts as well my friend!

Riley said...

Be brave, wish him love from us, and we will be thinking of him