Saturday, August 04, 2007

Our Kitty Rulez!

We have a new member at our house, Tails Falco, our new Kitten!!! We picked her up this morning after an hour's ride down to Kalamazoo (and almost a 90 minute ride back because of some construction on the highway.

A picture of here is shown below; she is about 10 weeks old and was abandoned with her litter mates on the side of the road! Happy news though, with our taking her they all found loving homes! What type of heartless creature could abandon nearly new born kittens like that!!!????

Here she is:


David Louis Harter said...


Your kitten is a charmer!

- David

Chris said...

David - She is a tightly wound ball of blurry furry fun, a typical kitten!

Steve from NJ said...

What a cute kitten! In a year, I think this cat will look a lot like "Morris" from the Nine Lives commercials. Hopefully, she won't have as much "cattitude" as the "Morris" personality was written did. (I doubt even the royal cats of Ancient Eqgpt were _that_ spoiled.)

David Louis Harter said...

I love our cats, but I do miss them as kittens. There are few things in this world as precious as a kitten!

A good dinner, certainly, is one of the things that equals a kitten, and I just enjoyed one--pork loin grilled low and slow, with Red Monkey Barbecue Spice rub and glazed at the finish with Jack Daniels barbecue sauce, to which Laura added a diced habanero, and a green salad. Champagne cooled the flames.

- David

Chris said...

David - Yes, nothing sounds as much fun as a kitten! Of course, there are moments, like last night, when tails sped across the room, jumped up un the foot rest of my recliner, and then as if she was chasing some immaginary phantasm, clawed a path up leg finishing up with a frenzied clawing session on my crotch! It was, up until that last moment, most amusing and endearing, but ended up shocking and most tearing!

Your dinner sounds good, excellent in fact. We enjoyed assorted items housed cardboard boxes from the grocery store yesterday as my back flared up over the weekend and by Sunday it was too painful to cook the nice dinner I had preapred. Today it seems a bit better though.

Chris said...

Steve - She is adorable! Her brother in fact looked even more like a baby Morries with more pronounced stripping while still having the trademark orange color.

She also resembles a kitten on the iiams website.

There will be more posts of the kitty over the next weeks I am sure.

Take care my friend!