Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Scott has idiopathic vocal chord paralysis

We heard Scott's MRI results. There was no obvious nerve damage present, they want to wait six months in case this was caused by a virus, in the interim they are going to inject a gel in his throat that should force the vocal chord to do some work and improve his voice....the gel will dissolve in about six months, if his voice has returned great, if not more tests, they can't guarantee if it was a virus that he will get full voice, such as for singing, back.

We shall see; he has the surgery August 29th....from that point we'll see if it helps on a temporary basis.


David Louis Harter said...


I pray for you, Scott, and your family each night.


Chris said...

David - Thank you! It is most comforting to hear this and good to have you as a friend! If faith can move mountains perhaps vocal chords will be a bit easier!