Thursday, August 16, 2007

Haiku for Tails

Tails brings pain like fire!

Slashing, Cuisinart cat claws!

Purring now she rests.

Tails in a shameless Diet Pepsi plug!


Anonymous said...

Soooo cute. And, just like a child, the fun toys are cardboard boxes:) Have fun on your trip. Beverly

David Louis Harter said...

That reminds me: I must purchase Caffeine-free Diet Pepsi this afternoon on the way home from the office!

- David

Riley said...

aww cute, its a shame kitties like her wont be getting the number of blankets Id like to make at our local vet (see my grumpy blog post for reasons)

Chris said...

Bev - She is adorable, I missed her and will be picking her up in a little while!

David - I trust by now you have re-stocked your beverages! Try some fresh squeezed lime in you CF Diet Pepsi!

Liz - It is all for the better; she would undoubtedly shred them though I will check your blog.