Sunday, November 04, 2007

A Kitty Cartoon

The video below, suitable for viewing by all age groups, is amusing, cute, and startlingly true to life....up to a point. Whether you own a cat or not, you will enjoy this!


David Louis Harter said...

That would be funny were it not so common in my house!

- David

Beverly said...

loved it - it's just a cartoon so I liked the whole thing.

Chris said...

Bev - Up until the point the cat goes for the bat it is completely believable and true to life!

David - If this is happening too much at your house my friend you must store your bats and other implements of destruction where the cats cannot get to them!

David Louis Harter said...


They do not employ anything but their paws, but they swat HARD!

- David

Riley said...

Thats funny, our dogs do that too!

Chris said...

Liz - The dog could probably swing the bat harder!