Monday, November 12, 2007

Yet more Tales of Tails

Last night around midnight, before putting Tales to bed, I gave her a small can of Sheba chicken cat food. Since she could not have any food after midnight because of her surgery today I waited until right before the deadline for her last feeding. I had been dreading this trip to the vet all week plus the loss of my constant feline companion for a few days. Particularly this week when I do not have the kids overnight, as tails has been an excellent source of companionship in such circumstances.

This AM after I got cleaned up,she spent about 20 minutes on the couch with me getting petted, scratched, and cuddled. I was going to miss her!

Looking at my watch I realized it was time to go, so with Tails safely encased in her cat carrier, I took her out to the Mustang and we headed off at 7:45 AM arriving just in time for our 8 AM appointment and drop off.

This is only the third time I have driven in the car with Tails and she was her usual vocal self, perhaps louder than last time. I was filled with memories of my last trip to Cascade Hospital for Animals with Spock, my long time cat of 17 years, who was very ill and I was taking her to be put to sleep. That was a most painful day....and a journey most sad. I remember once I had arrived I stood outside, not wanting to go in, for about 20 minutes cuddling and petting Spock and crying into her fur, telling her how much I loved her, what a good kitty she was, and how much we were all going to miss her.

Anyway, back to the present, Tails and I entered Cascade Hospital for Animals, and sat next to two women with a sick cat. Tails, bug-eyed, opted to venture out of the cat carrier and let me pick her up as she glanced nervously around. Something spooked her and instead of successfully bolting as she intended, I kept a hold of her and got her back into her carrier until we were in the examination room.

I signed the requisite forms, answered questions, met with three people (one of the handlers, the Doctor, and a technician) and Tails was given a complete physical. She did not like the getting my temperature taken portion of this exam at all! She did manage to charm everyone who came in contact with her and prowl around the examination room, walking across the computer keyboard and playing with the cords.

After a final hug and cuddle with Tails (I am so attached to this cat!) I headed into work, feeling buoyed by the news that she seemed to be in excellent health, only to get a call shortly afterward that her blood test have higher than normal numbers on some liver and kidney functions. This could be as simple as too much protein from kitten food, or a sign of something else to come I was told. They recommended having Tails on intravenous fluids during the surgery because of this and I agreed. Of course this is an extra costs, so with all the tests and shots and such to bring the Tails up to the minimum rev for surgery plus this cost, my $400 spay and laser declaw is now around the $600 range. Sigh!

I am more worried about Tails than the cost, but, this is one of the reasons I held off getting a cat that the kids just do not seem to understand. This is expensive and I really do not have the money for this. However, she is one of the family and will have the best possible care I can swing for her. I'll just tell the kids no presents for Xmas this year to offset the surgery costs! Ha! That should go over well!

Oh well. Tails will have to go back in a month after being off of Kitten food to see how her numbers are.

I will be calling this evening to see how Tails fared with her surgery.


David Louis Harter said...

I seriously doubt the "no presents" ploy will work!

- David

Chris said...

David, while less than enthusiastic, I was quite pleased when I presented this very scenario to my 15 year old last night; he did choose the cat over presents!!

David Louis Harter said...

That is truly encouraging!

- David

Carrie said...

I will be checking in to see how Tails fared! Hope she's OK!

Carrie (Brian's wife)

Chris said...

Carrie - She is doing OK, bit feverish this evening and sleeping a lot. I hope you are doing better ftom your recent events!

Thanks for asking about Tails, my faithful feline companion!

Beverly said...

Hi - Beverly from PA - I've been checking in and no news of Tails. And, how was your Thanksgiving? Mine was OK. The actual family dinner is not until Sunday so Thanksgiving felt much like any other day.