Monday, November 26, 2007

Where's Tails!??? A True Terrible Tale of Tails

Last night after the kids left I noticed Tails around 7PM. Then, no more Tails. I did not think anything of it, until around 9PM, particularly after the sounds of my evening snack preparation, particularly the microwave I use to heat her canned food, did not prompt an appearance.

I enjoyed my snack, and by 10PM I was starting to get concerned. I called her in various parts of the house, she did not appear, and she did not respond with a meow. By 11PM I was frantic; she was nowhere to be found. As I had not gone outside the house or into any of the kids rooms, or the unfinished part of the basement, I had not checked these areas. I did, and there was no trace of her! I opened every cabinet, every door, even the dish washer (because she loves to go in there when it is open).

I even checked out the inside of recliner in case I had injured her (though I would have expected to hear something if she snuck in there and got trapped by the mechanism. I upturned both sofas in fact so I could look inside. NO TAILS!

Midnight approached, I even went in the garage and outside, in case she had somehow escaped. I was quite frantic, upset and so worried at this point!!

Again I went into my bed room calling her, and this time I heard a faint meow. I called again and again and finally heard a bit louder of a meow coming from my dresser. I opened one of the drawers, and there she was, curled up in a little ball sleepily looking up at me. I do not know how she got in there and I had not been in that drawer all day so I would not have closed it.....yet there she was! The only thing I can think of is she maybe was in another drawer I had opened and get in that way. I picked her up, so happy to have found her!


David Louis Harter said...


That was a frightening story to read, and I was greatly relieved when I learned Tails was found safe and sound!

- David

Chris said...

Davd - I was beside myself with worry! Close to tears in fact! Imaging the worst such as finding her dead somewhere after being trapped!!

I must give her extra cuddles and treats this evening when I get home from work!

Thank you for your concern my friend!

Beverly said...

Oh my Chris that must have been terrible. So glad the ending is happy. And, don't those darn kids and pets put the worry in us because we love them soooooooooo much.

David Louis Harter said...

I can imagine what it must have been like for you! When my cat, Zeus, was just a kitten, he escaped the house and ran off into the darkness! Laura looked for him without success. Then, she prayed to God that he would deliver Zeus. Nearly immediately, she felt Zeus brush up against her. She reached down and picked him up and brought him back to the safety of the house. It is important to note that it was a moonless, starless night, and Laura was unable to see Zeus or locate him. It was only by the grace of God that Zeus was delivered safely to her!


Chris said...

David - I am pleased to hear the tale of Zeus; divine intervention in being found; it sounds truly miraculous and I am pleased all ended well!

Beth - Thanks much for your concern; I was frantic and very glad that the kids were not there while I was falling to pieces looking for Tails, though I am sure they would have been just as upset! I was very happy to find her safe and well, and now I make sure to take extra care when using my dresser!