Monday, November 26, 2007

Water, Water, Everywhere!

Last Friday was my son Chris' 19th birthday. He had to work later in the day and he had slept over my house after work on Thanksgiving. He got up around 10:30 (that's got to be some kind of record) while I was riding the exercise bike. I told him we would go out afterwards. Scott was off at the mall with Emma, so Chris, Danielle, and myself headed out. I bought lunch for us at Smoky Bones and we headed over to GameStop so we could pick up the present I was buying him for his birthday, Guitar Hero III for the Wii.

As we were looking around the store my cell phone rang. It was facilities at work informing me a chiller on the second floor at work had died releasing copious (so copious!) amounts of water and some was leaking into my data center and there was smoke and sparks coming from some equipment. We paid for Chris' present and then I speedily (thank you Mustang) dropped them off at my house and headed into work calling one of my people to meet me there. Upon arrival I found that a row of equipment was getting hit by water from the ceiling. Facilities had already gotten some buckets and plastic on them but it was not enough. With security's help we got a large tarp over the row of equipment and began venting the room so the automatic fire suppression system would not kick in as that automatically powers off the whole room which contains about 300 servers and other equipment. THAT would be disastrous!

To make a long story short the damage could have been a lot worse. I spent 5 hours insuring that all the water was pumped out from under the floor and that the owner of the server equipment was in looking at the problem.

What a day!

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