Saturday, November 03, 2007

No Tricks, No Treats

The night before Halloween so long as I remember is mischief night when all manner of tricks including toilet paper on trees, soap on car windows (or worse, wax by nasty kids), eggs, and such can happen. Back east this was a lot more pronounced and this year in my neighborhood I did not detect any traces of this at all.

As this was the first Halloween in at least 17 years that I would not be trick or treating with at least on of the kids (it was there turn to have Halloween at their Mom's, and had friends to go with). It was somewhat sad that I was not part of the kids Halloween, but, as they get older this is something that happens and something I am getting used to. So, I decided to give out candy here.

Anyway to make a long story short the weather was chilly and there were some brief periods of showers and over the course of the evening I did not get one trick or treater nor did I see any down the street the several times I checked over the course of the evening.

My kids were happy though since I sunk about $20 into candy that they get to eat; I think i shall have to take some into work next week.


David Louis Harter said...

I can relate to your kids eating candy: Laura got a large mug filled with assorted candy from Oxford Suites. She gave it to me. I ate all the candy in one sitting. I was briefly ill. I would do it again.

- David

Chris said...

David - Danielle read your comment and agrees with you. Yesterday she was eating candy. Later in the evening I went to put away what I thought was a bowl overflowing with candy next to where she had been watching TV.

No! It was the leavings of many candy wrappers shredded by a ravenous candy eating fiend! She would do it all over again I am sure!