Friday, December 14, 2007

Dragon Picture

I've done the majority of my Christmas shopping on-line. While ordering a framed picture for someone I saw the following image and ordered a framed version (poster size) for myself.

Alchemy Sagnov
Alchemy Sagnov

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Bev from PA said...

Hi Chris - That is so cool!! What's the website addy please? I did all my Christmas shopping on-line including wrapping supplies. Well, except for the Buddy Biscuits I got at Huber's. A Mennonite owned large animal supply, feed, boots, hardware, etc. store a few miles from home. The biscuits are for a dog I rescued from a bad owner. He's a beautiful black collie. It's taken over a year, and having him fixed, to put on enough weight for his hips to start filling in. He's boarded at my nieces stables because we don't have a fence. And, I'm paying a wonderful woman who works at the Humane Society to care for him. She also boards a rescued dog at my nieces. Has both dogs to the point she can take a jog or run and they happily keep the pace. Wow did I go off on a tangent. hugs, Bev