Monday, December 10, 2007

Quiet and Sad Weekend

A somewhat quiet weekend, marred by news of two health issues in the family, Sigh! After all he went through with the surgery for his back my Father's emphysema is getting worse and basically there is nothing that can be done. He will be seeing doctors and specialists starting this week for second opinions but the outlook is not good. I am, quite distressed by this and the other news I heard this weekend.


Riley said...

I wish there was something I could do for you, and your family. You're so far away, and with all the other uncertainties going on at work too, you it sounds like lifes just a bit s**t which ever way you look.



David Louis Harter said...

I certainly know how you feel, my friend. My mother passed away Friday morning. While she has been failing dramatically of late, it was still a shock to hear of her passing.

My faith keeps me strong, however.

- David

Chris said...

Liz - Thanks so much for your sympathy and understanding, and thanks very much for the hugs, they, like your friendship, are much apprecaited. It's very frustrating these days.

Chris said...

David - I am so very sorry to hear about your mothers passing my friend! Even when you are expecting things like this they still take you aback! My sincere condolences to you and your family!

Beverly said...

May I use your comments, Chris, to offer my condolences, too, to David. I am so very sorry for your loss.

And, now Chris. That is such terrible news! You need much hugs and hope. I will be thinking of you, and David, as you swim through the emotions. And remember I said swim - not sink.

Huge long warm hugs for you both. Beverly

Chris said...

Bev - Thanks so much for your kind thoughts and of course the hugs. I hope all is going OK with you and yours!