Friday, December 21, 2007


It was bound to happened, yesterday the kids and I were malled in Grand Rapids! Hmmm, I may have spelled it wrong on the title! I have done virtual all my Christmas shopping from the comfort of the computer this year. But, Scott and Danielle needed to get gifts for their Mom and each other so I took them to the mall yesterday. We went right when they came home from school and I let Scott drive; he did pretty well though he still needs a bit of work on corning.

The mall and parking lot was very crowded, we parked near the end of a row and hiked in. We hit Clair's so Danielle could get some gifts for her Mom and Scott and I chatted outside while he stretched out on the base of one of the ugly looking kinetic-type sculptures that malls seem to buy for some reason.....

We headed down by Paylees so Scott could get slippers for his Mom and while He and his sister did that I went into Walden books to pick up a gift card from Scott to his sister so she would not see it. I also snagged a half price teddy bear gift card holder.

The kids had to head into Sears as Payless did not have suitable footwear. Danielle bought herself two pairs of holiday novelty socks and Scott got the slippers. We headed to the food court when they had Chinese food and I tried a 12 wing sampler from a place called Wing Heaven. You get 3 x 4 wings with four different sauces so I got Caribbean Jerk, Spicy Garlic, Mango Habbenero, and Scorching. They were all very good with the first two being the best and the Scorching ones being mildly spicy but tasty. We headed home stopping at Forest Hills Foods for a few items.

Total time out about two hours which was excellent considering how crowded the mall and the grocery store were.


David Louis Harter said...


You are a far hardier fellow than I. Passing by the mall three weeks ago and seeing the sea of people was sufficient to keep my far away from it.

- David

Chris said...

David - You would think me insane then; My son Chris and I got together Friday and went to the mall so we could dine on chicken wings at Wing Heaven and the wings were so good that I headed back there Saturday afternoon to get some for my dinner. The mall parking lot was a mad house, but unlike the idiots who keep circling like vultures looking for a close space, I parked on the outskirts, hiked in, got my wings take out, and headed home with minimal trouble. The place was packed though!!!