Saturday, December 01, 2007

Scott's Birthday

Thursday was Scott's 16th Birthday. I know from talking to the X that his girlfriend Emma surprised him at the house that morning so she could go to school with him; wish I could have seen his face when that happened!

I left work early to pick him up at school. When he got in the car I surprised him with a pack of Peanut M&M's, his favorite candy snack and wished him a happy birthday. I could tell he was pleased by my small but thoughtful gesture, and we headed over to pickup his sister from her school which is int he same complex as the high school. Scott informed me that he was wearing the shirt and scarf Emma had gotten him, and they were both quite nice. I teased him a bit and asked if he complained to her about getting clothes as a present, as he has all through the years, as most kids do, when this happens.

We headed home, Scott getting first dibs on Tails as it was his birthday! After greeting her we all did a quick cleanup of the messy house common areas and our bedrooms, and then spent some time watching TV including the new Shrek the Halls Christmas special which we all thought was excellent!

A bit before 6 PM we headed out, stopping at the 5/3 drive through so I could stoke up the wallet with some Yankee Dollars, and we arrived at Outback where Scott wanted to have dinner. having just witnessed his brother Chris being embarrassed to no end at Texas Road house on his birthday, he opted for outback. At Texas Roadhouse, they can really embarrass the heck out of you on your birthday like no place I have ever seen.

Mom and Dad were already there and had a table setup and the X along with Chris and Emma arrived. We had an excellent dinner and at the end Scott was presented, quietly, a small bowl of ice cream and topping with a candle in it. Around this time the X's cell phone rang, it was Uncle Kevin (and family) who called t wish Scott a happy birthday. once this had wound down a bit the bill was settled and I headed out with Scott, Emma, and Danielle as Emma had to get back home. The X and Chris headed off to get Scott Chris' birthday present.

Arriving at Emma's house I dropped her off and we headed back to the X's house where I watched Scott open his last present. This was a Legends of Zelda jacket and shirt which Scott had been wanting. He was most pleased with it. After he disappeared to play his Wii I got ready to leave, and, after recalling them, hugging the kids I then headed home. Thus ends post 3 of 3 and below is a picture taken of Scott with Tails. Needless t say, though obviously I am saying it, you can click on this to open a new window with a much larger version.

I know from IM'ing with the X this morning that Scott and his friends had a good elebration having Pizza, snacks, and Cake and were up until at least 1AM. As of noon, they were still sleeping. I was pleased to hear this!


David Louis Harter said...

Great photograph, Chris!

Peanut M&Ms are my favorite, also. I am a piggy whenever I am in proximity to them.

It was 28 degrees when I started making a giant batch of chili this morning. AccuWeather is a Sidebar Gadget on my Vista Ultimate Desktop, and I checked my email just before I began preparations for making the enormous batch of chili (6 pounds of ground sirloin, 4 white onions, 12 JalapeƱos, 4 stalks of celery, 2 Habaneros, 8 Roma tomatoes, 1 red bell pepper, 2 packages of Shelby's chili seasoning, 8 tablespoons of Gebhardt's chili powder, 4 tablespoons of ground Cayenne pepper, 2 tablespoons of ground black pepper, and 4 bottles of Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Ale.) When I saw the temperature, I cranked up the furnace and uncapped a Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale, read a bit of email, and started making the chili!

- David

Chris said...

David my friend;

I am pleased you liek the picture; the kids are as badly enraptured by tails as I am, is such a thing is possible!

Wow that is cold for your area my friend! I think it is in the 20's here and there is a storm warning this evening for major snow and colf, then a warm up into the 40's tomorrow, then a freeze over and more snow into Monday!

You have inspired me to make chili today!

Did you know fritos go good in chili!?!?

David Louis Harter said...


The chili was incredible. There is a large quantity remaining for later.

Fritos are good. Mission tortilla chips were good last evening!

Tonight, we shall have tamales made by a lovely Hispanic woman who attends our church. Yum!

- David