Saturday, August 16, 2008

Life with Chris

Last night the X was supposed to pickup the kids between 9 and 9:30 as she has an appointment about an hour away from here. We were going to eat around 7 since we had a late lunch. I had taken the kids to Noodles and Company since they have several dishes I can eat calorie/carb-wise.

So, I'm making the Pasta with Hearty Meat Sauce recipe I posted this morning with a projected dinner time of 7PM and the phone rings, it's the X and she'll be there in 10 minutes.....

To make a long story short I invited her to eat with us and she, Danielle, and I had the aforementioned pasta while Scott had pasta with jarred meatless sauce (he does not like meat, veggies, etc. in his sauce).

They left around 8:30 and the usual what to do now that the kids are gone blues set in. Tails and I ended up watching TV until bedtime.

So, how am I doing these days? OK. Kind of blue though. I'm really missing my dad. I know Danielle is sad about that too I had to put away some of the mementos of him I brought back from New Jersey as they were affecting her. Work is no longer what I want to be doing but I feel locked in because at least I have a job that pays me what I need to have to support myself and the kids and pay support. My plan right now is to make it through the four years until Danielle turns 18 and comes off of support, and then evaluate where I want to be in life and what I want to do. Until then, it's focus on getting the kids out of the house and off to school, life, whatever, while making them as happy as I can.

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