Sunday, August 10, 2008

Me - Before and After
(or What a difference a gray makes!)

You may have noticed the new profile picture of, I did not find the fountain youth in case you are wondering. For quite awhile now my brother has been suggesting I color my beard to get ride of the gray as he's been doing for some years now.

When I was out in New Jersey earlier in the month he and his wife brought it up again. As I would be seeing relatives and people I'd not seen in many a year why should I look like the older brother? While I've never felt myself as an overly vain person, I must admit the amount of gray in my beard has bothered me on occasion, so, I decided what the hey.

So, after asking the kids ("We don't care!" was their response), I decided to do it. The procedure is quick and painless, particularly after you do it the first time, and I am pleased with the results. When I asked the kids how it looked, Scott said. "This is change! Change is not good!", but I think they like it.

In fact, this morning I showed Danielle the before and after pictures below that my brother had taken, she basically said I look like an old man in the before picture and much younger in the after shot.

Tails, bless her furry little heart, does not seem to have a preference!

So, what do you think? Do you think it looks better? I'm still not quite used to the reflection I see staring back at me in the mirror.

If you can stand the HORROR of it, click the picture for a larger version!


Bev from PA said...

You aren't smiling as broadly in second picture but still the darker beard makes your face appear thinner. You know that's why women wear black. Dark colors are slimming. I like the look. Bet you get lots of comments at work. First time I dyed my hair women noticed first.

Project 'healthy me' is a great idea now, too. Comfort food creeps into our lives through these sad times. I gained 60 pounds in the years from Dad's death (2001) through Mom's death to now. It took me 5 years to lose that amount of weight before Dad died.

Bought a semi-recumbent (& I actually use it), started writing down everything I eat (even noting calories if possible), and I'm down 18.5 pounds in three months. Both parents were and will be proud of me. Both struggled with keeping pounds off.

Carrie said...

Chris - I LOVE IT! You do look like a younger version of yourself in the after picture.

I think we should all thank Bev! Happy or sad, I truly enjoy reading your posts!

I'm thinking that I probably need to get back on the diet wagon myself. Post those recipes, we're going to need them! I'll check back often!

Chris said...

Bev - Weight has always been aproblem, I've always liked to eat, and, as I got older and began honing my cooking skills that did not help!

With me since the divorce I turned to food lots of times for comfort....and sadly I make good comfort food.

Good luck with the continued dieting! While I have not been writing down everything I eat, I've been counting calories each day.

I'll be making the kids french toast for dinner with Turkey Bacon on the side this eveing, which means egg beaters omlette with turkey bacon, onions, and/or mushrooms for me.

David Louis Harter said...


The second photograph displays a much younger appearance. It is good!

- David

Riley said...

You do look thinner in the second one, you also look (dare I say this, I guess you cant slap me from across the pond so) around 10 years younger.. It doesnt look like a dye job, if I didnt know better Id say it was a picture of you and an older brother..

It looks good on you.. I vote keep doing it :P

Chris said...

Liz I would never slap you! Thanks for the positive feedback.

(Thinner, yea, right! ;)

Chris said...

Carrie - Thanks much for your kind words! Youa nd Brian are good friends, and I value having you both in my corner.

This week you would not want my recipies; while eating healthy it's been simple fare such as sandwhiches on Aunt Millies high fiber low calroie breads with lean cold cuts, lettus, onion, tomato, etc. and things along that nature. But, I will keep creation of some new recipes in mind.

Chris said...

David - Thanks for your positive feedback, my most excellent friend from afar!