Sunday, August 03, 2008

Thanks Steve

In a week that has left me and mine at one of the lowest points I can remember, I want to thank my friend Steve for being there Friday at my dad's funeral mass.

Thanks Steve, it meant the world to me and I'm sure to my dad too.


Steve From NJ said...


I wanted to say "You're Welcome", and that I was honored to be able to pay my respects. I was always happy to see your Dad (he was always in a happy mood, as I remember), whether it was just stopping over at the house in Glem Ridge or having Tnanksgiving dinner in Budd Lake, or a birthday party in Great Meadows. (I actually passed Cat Swamp Road during my rovings trying to find the church on Friday.) I see from the posting time of the entry that you need some rest from all of the upset and stress of the past week. Maybe you can let one of your kids do some driving on the 720-mile trip back to Grand Rapids. As for me, I'm making this comment from my desk at work on another beautiful day that I can't enjoy (again-like it's been for most weekends for the past 1.25 years)...

Riley said...

Its always good to have friends, the best people always are there right when you need them