Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Chris and the Blustery Day

Because of this post's title, I feel I need to define the word blustery. The dictionary defines it as:
Main Entry:
bluster, blustery, blustering
1 : a violent boisterous blowing
: violent commotion
3 : loudly boastful or threatening speech

So, for those of you who do not know I tripped on the basement stairs Sunday night banging my back on the concrete and my back has been unhappy with me ever since. I worked from home Monday and Tuesday and today I decided I had to drag myself into the office because I had a couple of face to face meetings. After hauling myself out of bed and getting ready I headed out the door. I was expecting nothing other than the painful exercise of getting into the Mustang, which is a chore when my back is hurting like this, and then driving to work.

Well, you probably do not know we had wind gusts up to 50 MPH last night! I go into the garage and open up the garage door for the Mustang's bay using the switch on the wall by the door into the house. This is a good thing because many days I use the remote in the car and I would not have seen the the 15 foot long piece of facing from the eaves of the garage had blown off. It was lying right across the garage door opening and would have been flattened if I had just backed out without seeing it, which I would not have from in the car.

The soffit underneath the eave is almost loose, rattling and shaking, and ready to fly into the wind. So, the ladder is needed. I have one of those ladders that is four pieces and locks into different shapes. It is very, very, handy and very, very HEAVY! Of course it is lying flat on the garage floor too...... I drag it outside and tack the soffit up with a couple of nails (I will get some caulk and attach the facing back on when the weather goes above freezing this weekend). The pain while lifting, moving, and climbing the later was just wonderful!

I figure the deed is done, I go through the painful experience of bending to get into the low to the ground Mustang and start backing out. I get to the street and realize something is wrong. Chris ponders about this and then realizes his trash can, which was put out to the curb last night, is nowhere in sight! I look down the street and there at the end of a long trail of garbage is my can about four houses (and one cross street) away! So, I get out of the car which has the keys in it and SLAM the wind blows the door shut and, unknown to me at the time, for whatever reason, the car locks itself which it is not supposed to do with the engine off.

Cursing merrily (or in a blustery fashion?) I limp briskly down the street and collect the can and the bags of garbage, and return them to the curb. I head inside to wash my garbage fouled hands.. I return to the car on the street and happily discover it is locked! I express this in a blustery manner and head back into the house and get my spare keys. Another painful bend and I settle back into the driver's seat and just as I put the car into drive I realize I do not have my wallet! Another painful bending experience, more verbal issuance, back up the driveway, to find the wallet in the house, and then, almost an hour later, drive into work.

So, how was YOUR morning....thus far, at lunch time, the day has been going OK. I just hope when I arrive home that my temporary fix has held the soffit in place......


David Louis Harter said...


Great Scott! I feel positively embarrassed that I had such a delightful day yesterday!

I hope today is considerably better for you and that your back pain abates dramatically!

- David

Chris said...

No need for embarrassment my my friend, I am delighted you had a great day! I am feeling somewhat better today and my temporary repairs yesterday prevented any further damage!