Sunday, March 15, 2009

Saturday: The Rest of the Story

After Danielle left with her friend Bob (Bob is a girl by the way) I worked on the computer for a bit and made an excellent lunch; Shrimp Cocktail with some spicy cocktail sauce and fresh lemon drizzled over the shrimp. I chilled the glass in the freezer for an hour before adding the shrimp. This is what it looked like:

For a tastier large picture click the shrimp above!

Lunch was delicious! The shrimp was fresh and very succulent. The drizzle of freshly squeezed lemon juice over the shrimp made a very nice complement to the spicy cocktail sauce. I was very pleased the shrimp was on sale!

Bad news: I was still hungry!
Good News: There remained enough shrimp for seconds!

I returned the glass to the freezer, did some e-mail to pass the time away, then I made a second cocktail and enjoyed it greatly.

After the morning's wake up from the place looking for the person whose name of many syllables I had no chance in hell of pronouncing Murphy must not have been done with me. Work called around 2:30 - I was glad both kids were out since I ended up having to run into the office, returning around 4 pM. I spent the remainder of the day on the computer, watching TV (Iron Chef America, Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles, and Gary Unmarried to name a few) and then around 8 PM Scott called. His sleep over plans had fallen through and he wanted to know if he and a friend could sleep over here. I said yes, Scott arrived, we watched some TV together then his friend arrived. As they descended downstairs to play I enjoyed a campaign of Left 4 Dead before retiring around 1 AM.

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