Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

For those that Celebrate it
Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Being Italian, and no longer married to my X with her Irish heritage, I do not. But, that does not mean YOU can't! So, head down to your favorite pub, hoist a pint, or two, or even three or more of your favorite green brew, kiss the Blarney Stone, dance a merry jig, listen to some jaunty Irish tunes with some cute Colleen, and ENJOY!

And know this....while you be eatin' corn beef and cabbage for dinner, I will be dining on a perfectly grilled steak this evening!


Barry said...

( whimper )

I'll be dining on nuked leftover lasagna from Pizza Hut as have to work tonight.

Chris said...

Is it old enough to be green??

David Louis Harter said...

I am not Irish. I did not celebrate St. Patrick's Day. I made pork tenderloin burritos for dinner.

- David