Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Random Weekend Thoughts

The past weekend while in the 40's was raining, violently in some cases with very loud thunder.

Danielle had her boyfriend (yes boyfriend!) Jason over....that begs a discussion on the subject of my 14 year old daughter dating.

Evidently her ages definition of dating is someone you spend time with hold hands with but have no other physical contact with, such as hugging, kissing, etc. Sure different from my definition since my X and I would not permit the latter with our daughter only being 14. So, for now she has a boyfriend, who seems very nice and we share some interests in the technology space which is good and playing video games. Danielle has been told that if this progresses any further it will be over......but for now I am content for them to spend time in public places like the mall or in my house or the X's.... As his foster mom will not drive him anywhere on the weekends, I have to transport him him to and from here and the mall and such to his house.

Danielle and I watched The Golden Compass Sunday night when my 17 year old son went to the movies with a 21 year old gal pal......(yes, a 21 year old girl!). I had a bit of a conversation with Scott as to how his girlfriend, who is his age, would feel about this. He said she would be OK with it, I implied he has a lot to learn about women....though she could be one of the rare ones who would be OK with this. I often had issues with the X having lots of male friends at assorted points in our relationship. I pretty much did not worry after we were married.

The kids and I watched a lot of The Critic episodes over the weekend and played Left 4 Dead alone and together.

I spent considerable time making sure all data was moved from my old HTPC to the new one, and I even played some Left 4 Dead on the new PC which sports better graphics than the xbox 360! Whoo Hoo!!

Other than hurting my back tripping on the basement stairs Sunday night when putting kitty to bed, nothing else major went on over the weekend.


David Louis Harter said...


Wow: Danielle dating must make you feel really OLD! Ha. I could not resist (obviously).

- David

Chris said...

David, to quote Bugs Bunny:

"Of course you know this means war!"


And yes, it did!

David Louis Harter said...

HA! I knew it!

- David

Bev from PA said...

It's a generation thing this going places with guy and/or girl friends even while dating. I was unsettled at first and I must admit still. Lot's of trust on everyone's part. My husband's friends from work are all women!! However, when I worked all my friends were men. Trust. And that ever watchful parental eye on HIS only daughter and youngest child, too. Good luck the next years and keep us posted:)

Chris said...

Bev - It's hard to see "Daddy;s Little Girl' in a relationship, but it is also cute as well! I will update as required....such as she is sad that this weekend Jason has to be at her foster Dad's so she will not see him. For me, it means less driving and more of being able to focus on some stuff I want to do around the house! I did tell her though if there is anything special she'd like to do with me to just ask.