Friday, July 06, 2007

Canjun Style Turkey Bacon Rollups with Zesty Sauce

Yet another fine recipe from the Chris Falco kitchens! This one is fairly simple, yet very delicious, and utilizes two of the Red Monkey Spice Rubs that I enjoy so much!

8 slices Oscar Meyer/Louis Rich Turkey Bacon
2 tsp Red Monkey Cajun Spice Rub
1/2 tsp Red Monkey Mango Habanero Rub
1/4 tsp freshly ground black pepper
3 tbs fat free sour cream
2 slices Kraft fat free Cheddar cheese
2 Flatout lite original wraps
1 cup shredded lettuce
1 vine-ripened tomato cut into six slices
Cooking spray like PAM

Spray the bottom and sides of a non-stick saucepan with cooking spray and add turkey bacon and Red Monkey Cajun Spice Rub. Toss well to evenly distribute spice. Cover, and cook over a very low flame for 10 minutes, tossing turkey bacon slices every three minutes.

While bacon is cooking, layout the wraps and cover each with 1/2 cup of shredded lettuce.

Remove bacon from pan letting any drippings drain back into the pan. If you cooked this over low heat as described above you should have a couple of tablespoons of drippings.

Place four slices of Turkey bacon atop the shredded lettuce on the wraps and then place three slices of tomato on top of the bacon.

With the heat off, add to sauce pan the fat free sour cream and Red Monkey Mango Habanero Rub. Using either a plastic whisk or rubber spatula mix together into an even color and apply low heat. Add the two slices of fat free cheddar cheese and when melted add the freshly ground back pepper. stir and then pour half the sauce over each of the wraps.

ENJOY! Serves two for lunch or one for dinner! Rough calories for each wrap is about 300 with very little fat and much fiber.


David Louis Harter said...


Suddenly, this Granny Smith apple I am eating has lost its appeal.

The recipe sounds excellent!

- David

Chris said...

It more than sounds excellent, it tastes great too!

Though you are to be commended for your lo-calorie, nutritious, yet bland lunch!

Tonight it will be Chicken and broccili with Rotini pasta with an olive oil, lemon, and oregano sauce.