Sunday, July 29, 2007

Nice weather=walking

I was up until about 3AM this morning; ended up doing a Hex marathon yesterday because I had about 10 episodes stacked up. Hex is kind of like a grittier, less campy BBC version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Yesterday and today it has been so nice out I have taken a break from riding the exercise bike. Saturday I walked for an hour around the neighborhood; trouble with this approach is with the areas that do not have sidewalks; to reach an hour of walking time I ended up looping around a few places and its hard to track the mileage.

Today I did this walk in an hour for a 3.6 mile walk. The map below shows the satellite imagery. If you just look at the plain map the walk does not look in the least bit impressive. Since I live in one of the areas that Google maps has hi-res images for, you can see some good detail if you zoom in to the max.

Click here for map in a new window

I must build myself up; in less than four weeks I will be out in New Jersey where my loving sister in law will subject me to "The Walk Of Death!"........and.....since I was able to do it three years ago when I was out in New Jersey, I WILL do it this year too....even if it kills me......

After my walk I headed over to Supercuts for a haircut, I'm going to through in some laundry and then head out to Meijer and Costco.

There's just not been much to blog about lately, just working and such, not much to report other than last weeks weight loss; four more pounds for a total of 57 in 18 weeks. 3 more to go and I will have shaved off the 60 pounds I gained after the divorce. Now I am just fat, not morbidly so.......

In retrospect, I must say what a fool I was to let myself go so badly while pining over the X wife. I am a good and loving person, all I can say at this point is its her loss, though, I still do love her so and wish her the best. At least I have things in perspective now though!


David Louis Harter said...


Walking is wonderful exercise. It is often simply too hot to walk here this time of year, unfortunately. I enjoy walking. My favorite walking spot in this area is the nature trail at the Sacramento River.

- David

Chris said...

David - The best times for walking here are ealrier in the day, I went out around 8AM. By the time I arrived back home shortly after 9, the temperature had already climbed 6 degrees. I would NOT do this after work without fear of crisping!

David Louis Harter said...

One of the nice thing about the nature trail is it is mostly shaded and adjacent to the Sacramento River, so it is much cooler than other walking spots.

The downside is, it is 5 miles from my house.

- David

Chris said...

David - That sounds it is about 2 miles to the bile/walking trails. One direction just continues down the main road, and two diverge in different directions. I will slowly explore them as I walk this way on weekends and see if there is anything worth seeing.

The only noteworthy thing of interest on yesterday's walk was a friendly priest who was on the corner of the church across the street and we exchanged pleasantries across four lanes of main road as I was walking along.

jason said...

I am a big fan of Buffy/Angel but I just couldn't get into hex at all.