Thursday, July 12, 2007

Christopher goes off to College

My son departed for school today, boy I miss him already! Heck, I missed him as he pulled out of the driveway!

I went into work late so I could see him off and I made him and his Mom some Taylor Ham and cheese roll ups for the ride down to Kettering University. Christopher loves Taylor Ham! I headed into work, and was just not able to get excited about anything (even finding a parking space close to the building at this late arrival time.

It is Quality Awareness week at work and they are doing all sorts of things to promote quality. They have had contests, free food, a car and motorcycle show. Tuesday we had a Blackhawk chopper visit and today an Apache attach chopper. While I was very excited Tuesday when we heard the approach of the Apache I could barely drum up enough excitement to go see it land.

I came home and almost did not ride the exercise bike, but, I did. The X called at this point to tell me that Chris has his room and there were two people on his floor that he knew, and she had deposited the funds we sent for books and such into a new account she opened for him down there.

Danielle and I headed over to their Mom's to pickup Scott and we went to Costco for a couple of items, Wendy's for their lunch, and Meijer for a few more groceries. I also got my usual large fountain caffeine free diet coke, and as usual we parked at the end of the parking lot and enjoyed the long walk into the store. Every step helps!

Sigh! So hard to feel excited today! I wish my son well as he embarks on this new chapter of life as an adult. I hope he does himself proud; he is so smart and has great potential to excel in this world!


Admiral said...

Hi Chris:

Happy for your son to go off to school sounds like a good deal for him.

Sorry to hear your feeling down over the situation. I hope you showed him how much you will miss him while he is gone?

It's strange how sometimes you can't wait for them to leave and then when they do you you miss them so much.

Hang in there.

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David Louis Harter said...

What is Chris' major? How far away from your house is the college?

- David

Chris said...

Admiral, thanks for the kind words!

I had not seen him on IM since he departed but, I had sent him a abd joke (he says I have an old persons sense of humor) and this AM I had a reply; he could not get his on-baord network port working with his PC and was using a lab computer late last night. SO I offered to buy and ship him a network card...we shall see what his next comminication is!

Chris said...

David - He is majoring in Computer Engineering and the school is about 2 hours from here. Family day is Augist 11th, we plan on morifying him by showing up for this event!