Monday, July 09, 2007

Sunday.....or Attack of the Hot Wings Part Deux

Sunday started off early with the sounds of my 18 year Chris old banging around the house, the common practice he has of moving about nosily when people are in bed or resting. As I was getting up and getting dressed (as I was too awake to go back to sleep) I heard him knocking at my door; I already knew what he wanted; he was supposed to pickup one of the X's workers and drive him to her house where he was planning on working on the business accounting files all day. Chris had stayed out way too late (or early!) with his friends and did not feel comfortable driving. With little admonishing, other than the "When you have a responsibility, you have to take care of it" speech, short version, I said nothing as I understand how he is trying to spend as much time with his friends as he can before he goes off to college this Thursday. I have a feeling he was hoping I would just let him go to bed, but, he was not to get off that easy!

So, I took him to the pickup in his car. We came back home, Chris for a nap, me for the exercise bike.
Around noon I took Scott and Danielle to McDonald's for lunch (I love watching them eat fast food!) and then we went to Meijer for a few items, stopping at GameStop per Scott's request.

Chris had wanted our famous hot wings today so I started their preparation around 4PM which started off making the Chris Squared hot sauce. First step here was the pealing and crushing of 14 large cloves of garlic and proceeding with the addition of the rest of the ingredients.

Once I lit the oven I knew I was in trouble..... I could almost hear Han Solo saying “I've got a bad feeling about this!"

As an afterthought I figure I must have BEEN OUT OF MY FREAKING MIND making oven-baked wings on a day when it was almost 100 degrees outside and having the oven on 500 degrees for 2 hours. To make a fun situation even better, the wings having to be turned and the pans moved around from top to bottom racks every 10 minutes of those two hours and at one point, since I had to use frozen wings, I had to spoon out the excess water from all five pans.

I was literally soaked in sweat by the time the wings came out of the oven and cooled enough to be tossed in the Chris Squared sauce. My AC can barely handle the house alone when it is this hot, so, with the oven lit I had turned the AC off and opened the windows.....

However, since Chris is leaving Thursday for college and he enjoyed the wings, it was worth it. My least favorite part was the cleaning of the 5 Pyrex baking dishes, even after soaking in the sink for a couple of hours they were a chore to clean.

This was the biggest batch yet of wings, about 10 pounds of wings and we took them over to the X's so her business associate could eat with us. Chris and Scott left early as they had to stop at the local Chinese place to get Scott some Chicken Lo Mein because he does not like spicy wings....whose kid is this anyway???

Daniele was proud she ate more hot wings then he did and could take the heat of the sauce better. I was SO proud of her!


Admiral said...

Them wings sound tasty. Do you share Chris Squared Hot Sauce recipe on your blog somewhere?

Have a good one.


Chris said...

Admiral, Yes, of course, any recipe I mention here is posted here. Click on the

Click here to see all my posts that contain recipes!

link right under the Blandishment Blog title at the top of the page to bring up all the recipes. The one in particular you are referring to is this one.

AND thanks for visiting. If you should make the wings, let me know what you think.

David Louis Harter said...


On hot days, it is a good idea to cook outdoors! [G] The wings sound excellent.

A cooling trend is on its way. Today is predicted to be a mere 104 degrees. I shall not be cooking anything in the conventional oven any time soon. Our kitchen is always the warmest spot in the house, due to floorplan configuration, so making it hotter than it already is would be insane.

- David

Chris said...

The wings were great, though I still think I had a Momentary Lapse of Reason cooking them indoors, I must adapt my recipe for the grill!

I am pleased a cooling trend is on the way for you! We just had 10 minutes of intense rain (perhaps more ina bit based on the thunder I just heard), it is the first rain in almost two weeks.