Saturday, July 07, 2007

Keep on Truckin'

My previous record on the exercise bike was one hour and fifty minutes, and I believe 30 minutes of that at the higher tension level.

Today I beat that with a two hour workout and 46 minutes of that was at the higher tension level. WHAT was I thinking???

What was I thinking? After that, we all headed to the mall. I had told Chris I would get him an additional little going away present. He headed off for EB Games while Scott, Danielle, and I had lunch at the food court, the two of them both getting Chinese noodles and meat, and I had a 6" subway club on wheat with veggies and mustard; no oil or may for me!

We walked over to EB Games where Chris was still looking, after he made his selection we headed off the Walden Books where I picked up the next novel in the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series, a Simpson's comic Book for Chris, and some anime book for Danielle. Note the Anita Blake link preceding this describes the fictional character; for information on the Vampire Hunter novels, you can click here.

We stopped at Forest Hills Foods on the way back to my house so I could pick up the items for dinner this evening (if it is a success watch for a new recipe here!). The kids waited in the car reading various materials while I headed into the store. After I had procured my groceries we headed back home only for Chris to discover that he was missing two of the three CD's of the game he bought!

So far, there has been more than sufficient exercise today, though, I am going to try and get the two younger kids to go to the pool a bit later as it is in the low 90's today.

Afterthought added later in the evening, Scott, Danielle, and I did go to the pool for an hour and had a great time!


David Louis Harter said...


I am certain your dinner will be a success.

Laura made shrimp wraps this morning, and we had them for lunch with my mother. I shall blog about them Monday.

It is MUCH cooler today—only 93 degrees in Chico and 98 degrees here. It was 111 here yesterday, and those extra three degrees seemed like ten or more!

- David

Chris said...

I can well imagine; it was in the low 90's today and that was hot enough!

Tomorrow is predicted to be the hottest day of the year!

Chris said...


PS - The shrimp wraps sound good and so was my dinner, I have just created the recipe and will be posting it shortly.