Sunday, July 15, 2007

Hark to the tale of the Park in the Dark

So far this weekend I have done an hour and thirty-five minutes on the exercise bike, 22 of that in a row at the higher level 6 resistance and 46 total for each workout covering 16 miles each day. These days I start with 2 minutes at level four, then 29 at level five, then 22 at level 6 and so on, finishing up with a minute or two at level five as a cool down.

Yesterday I also walked two miles and will probably do the same later as it is a nice sunny day that should not be warmer than the mid to upper 70's. However, last night on the way home from the X's house, trouble was indeed waiting for me in the unlighted gloomy depths of the park that sits between her development and my neighborhood. As I was leaving her house since it was late she has teased me offering a ride home so I would not be mugged in the park after dark, but, little did she know that there was indeed hidden danger lurking there!

As I had departed her house at 10PM there was still some faint light in the night sky and in her development there are cozy little street lights that cast some lighting making it easy enough to see the sidewalks under your feet. But, as I approached the park I felt a bit of unease as something was clearly different here, the swing sets and benches closest to the street spreading dark and malevolent looking shadows across the grass. The dark trees looking skeletal, evil, and, even dare I think it at the time, alive!

And for whatever reason in its design the park is unlit, It is also shaded by many trees and thus very dark without even a streetlight where it faces the street. As I began cutting through I suddenly heard an ominous hissing, clicking sound which grew louder as I walked faster trying to distance myself from whatever it was, and then SLAM! WHAM! BAM! they hit me full in the face, the back, my legs, almost driving me to the ground!

Ice cold water from several angles as the parks sprinklers activated (I knew that "No use of the park after dark" sign was there for a good reason! As it was very windy and 68 degrees I was quite chilled for the remainder of the walk home forcing me to change into comfortable dry scrubs and leaving my sodden clothing to dry. I settled my nerves with some shilled shrimp dipped in a mixture of Samball Oelek and Chili sauce (very zesty and carb/calories free unlike cocktail sauce!).

I am getting ready to go to the store now and pickup ingredients for one of my favorite all time dinners Triple Play Fajitas! It should be a wonderful meal that will be almost as much fun to prepare as it will be to eat!


David Louis Harter said...

I never go walking in the park after dark without my Sig Sauer P229 semi-automatic pistol chambered in .357 Sig and loaded with CorBon jacketed hollow-point defensive rounds.

- David

Chris said...

Normally I prefer a Phased-plasma rifle in the forty watt range or a .45 Long Slide, with laser sighting depending where I am in the time line, but, I can't imagine these doing anything but totally destroying the underground sprinkler system and leaving me to foot the bill!

Ben said...

I saw the SLAM! WHAM! BAM! and immediately thought you were attacked by Batman and Robin! :)

Chris said...

Ben - Good call my friend! I was thinking of the original series with Adma West and Burt Ward when I wrote that! I loved it!