Friday, June 13, 2008

760 miles later.....

....and I am back ....did you all miss me??

I left for Cincinnati 6:30 AM Monday morning opting to drive the Mustang instead of flying. It's a five and a half hour drive and with airport delays and such I just decided to drive.

I was in management meetings all week, and arrived back home last night.

While it's good to be back, I got really ticked at the kids who were watching the Tails Kitty for me; they had not picked her litter box all week and it was an absolute mess, I felt so bad for the poor cat and so angry with the kids who used the excuse "Mom did not remind us".....

For those who have been reading my ramblings you know when I approved the requisition for procurement of one feline unit they had promised they were going to do that. Needless to say they have to be constantly reminded to do this simple chore and from talking to their Mom today they also do they same with the Guinea pigs at her house.

So, instead of just picking up kitty and going home and relaxing which I really wanted to do after driving for five and a half hours I had to stop at the store and procure litter and take care of the cat box. There will be some TBD repercussion on the kids for this, strong enough to insure the daily chore is done.........I just have to decide what it is going to be. Perhaps I will not let them flush for five days.........that punishment would certainly fit the crime and give them a real idea of what they did to the cat.

In reflection later last night I realized that I was so upset it spoiled the memory of my perfect dinner on the way home (White Castle!) which I have not had this year. This is one 64 miles away from here and it was on the ride home.

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