Monday, September 17, 2007

Danielle's Birthday on Saturday 9/15

As the X had Danielle for her birthday I can only share from my perspective how the day went when I was with her. This started around 9:30AM when I found a voicemail on my cell phone as I neared the halfway point of my 4 mile weekend walk. It was the X and she was off to a meeting and wanted to know if D could go to my house. I called her back, she had already left, so, I called Danielle and talked to her telling her I would be at least another 40 minutes or so, but, I would come and get her.

The weather, cool to the point where I went back into my house to get a light jacket when I had departed, was nice and sunny, though clouds were in the sky when I returned home, and there had been none at all when I started.

I headed over and collected Danielle and Scott and took them to Steak n Shake for Birthday milkshakes and french fries. I enjoyed a Caffeine free diet code and a burger (no fries) for my breakfast. Danielle got a Halloween special shake, Double-chocolate fudge, which had half an inch of hot fudge n the top, and chocolate whipped cream with chocolate pieces and sprinkles in addition tot he cherry on top. Scott has his usual vanilla and was doing a little bit better dealing with the death of his friend, though you could still see the somber effect this has had on him.

As it was barely 11AM the place was not crowded at all, and the manager, a bit of a weird sense of humor on this guy, waited on us though he disappeared mid-way through and we had to summon another server. By weird, he asked if we were ready to order, we said yes, and he stated "Prove it!" and pulled his pad out. The rest of his attempts at humor were either so off the wall or fell far short of funny, so I will not recant them here, but, at least he was trying.

The X called as we were finishing up and asked if we wanted to go to lunch, I mentioned what we had just done and she asked what would Danielle like to do. Scott whispered to her that she should ask to go to the mall as people would buy her things on her birthday. Thus decided we headed out. I dropped the kids at the X's and headed home to change and headed back to the X's where we headed out to the RiverTown Crossings Mall.

X had not eaten so we stopped and got a soda and she had some pizza, then we did some shopping. Danielle had me buy her a Nintendo DS game, and her Mom bought her some Godiva chocolates. I bought Scott a Japanese to English dictionary he needed for school, and the latest Deathlands novel (A series I have been reading for over 10 years) for myself. Scott needed clothes for School, Sears provided this and I got several awesome t-shirts are discount prices. I will have to post pictures of them in a future post. On the way out I got everyone ice cream at Dairy Queen, myself having a small cup of vanilla as my lunch time carbs while they all had decadent creations from Blizzards to Scott's (the best!) being brownies with ice cream. I was just happy to some some vanilla!

Below is a picture of Danielle and I at the mall!

We headed towards home, I was dropped at my house where Tails and I watched TV and played video games...well....she watched me do those things and chase her out of the plants, counter tops, etc. A bit before 5PM I headed over to the X's stopping first to get a gift bag for Danielle's main birthday preset.

Arriving at the X's, who, sadly was not feeling the best, we gave Danielle her birthday presents. From the X and I, a digital tablet she wanted so she could draw easily on the PC. I also put a pack of Oreo chocolate stuffed Snack cakes in the bag, which she wanted to eat before dinner. Scott gave her a nice pair of earrings. From Chris...who totally forgot my birthday....Well, at least he called later in the evening to wish her a happy birthday.

Here's the tablet we got her for her birthday:

Presents out of the way we headed over to Red Lobster for dinner where we met her parents. After about a 15 minute wait, we sat down for dinner and had an excellent meal with some nice conversation among the adults as Scott and Danielle had their DS', only turning them off long enough to eat. I always enjoy watching Danielle eat crab legs, she is so meticulous getting all the meat out before drowning it in butter and consuming it. After she finished, she was pleased because she got birthday ice cream without anyone singing for her!

I was dropped off at my house and the only other things I know about Danielle's birthday were by brother and his wife called and spoke to her and Danielle said Sunday she had an excellent time on her birthday.

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