Friday, September 28, 2007

Super Freaking Bad Mood

Well, it is that day of the year I love to hate, that day, if, I had my choice I would stay home alone!

September 28th, both my Wedding Anniversary (meaningless since the divorce) and the anniversary of my Mom's passing away. She died on my first Wedding anniversary.

I miss my mom though it's now been 20 years she's gone. And I still miss the X, though I must admit this year I do not feel quite as bad, and I have no desire to post a picture of us or her as I have done in the past and lament about lost love. It's her loss, and perhaps one day she will realize this.

And, as if the above was not enough to bring down my day, Scott's voice is having problems again and his throat hurts when he speaks.

Needless to say my mood is very BLACK today!!



Beverly said...

... and it's Friday. As for your Mother I understand your loss. As for your ex her loss. As for Scott, though bad news, there was a plan in place before. Hoping that will work if needed.

Thinking of you and sending you well wishes. All I can do - HUGS, Beverly

David Louis Harter said...


I hope your day is far better than you anticipate it being.

- David