Saturday, September 08, 2007

Saturday, Media Players, Walks, and such

With the birthday behind me let's turn to today; after arising at 7:30 I had a nice four mile walk this morning, and the weather was sunny, clear and just gorgeous, it seems the next few days will be low humidity and normal temperatures in the 7o's instead of the 80's/90's of last week and high humidity. I love when the humidity is low and the sky is such a vibrant blue as it was this morning!

Yesterday I ordered myself a birthday present, one of the new iPod Touch devices, which is basically an iPhone without the phone portion, so, it is a portable media player with that slick interface, and it has built in WiFi and can surf the web and such as well. This will be the first Apple product I have ever owned; the previous iPods have done nothing for me, but, I have lusted for the interface on the iPhone since its debut, but, not needing a phone, I did not acquire one.

To pay for this present, I am selling off some toys; I sold my Nokia 770 tablet yesterday and am now looking to sell my Zune Player, which, until this new iPod has the largest screen for viewing video, and some accessories. I have the Zune, a docking station, and sports carrying case, and an AC adapter. All of these accessories are new and did not come with the Zine. I think I will ask $150 for the bundle and will probably post it on eBay if I can't find anyone locally to take it off my hands.


Beverly said...

Help Chris. Definitely me and my nephew, too, are looking for ways to lose weight. I can't find your recipes. Also, what kind of exercise bike did you buy? Thanks in advance. More hugs, Bev

P.S. -

Chris said...

Bev - Hello!

When you first come to the blog, under the Blandishment Blog name is a link that says

Click here to see all my posts that contain recipes!

Click that to see just the recipe posts.

When I go home I will look at the brand of exercise bike I ordered; I have had it for over three years, and I just replaced the batteries for the computer; other than that it has worked flawlessly and is very comfortable.

Oh! Thanks for the video link and hugs right back at you.

HUGS FOR ALL in fact!!!

Chris said...

It is a Key Fitness exercise bike.