Saturday, September 15, 2007

Today is Danielle's Birthday!

My little girl, who I explained last night will always be my little girl in my heart even when she is 40!, turned 13 today!

I told her last night how she was a gift to all of us, and the story of the day of her birth 13 years ago. Her Mom had many complications with the pregnancy and in the last stages was in a special ward in the hospital for mothers with such issues; there was an operating room right across from her Mom's.

We did not know if Danielle would be carried to term, and her Mom was given drugs to accelerate Danielle's development, particularly her lungs, so she would have a better chance at surviving.

I remember the call at work that morning from the doctor, and my incredible mad, and in retrospect foolish frenzied drive to the hospital, which I made in record time, surprising the doctor with how quickly I arrived.

I'll never forget the first glimpse of her as she was removed from her Mom by C-Section, nor how her Mom, jittery from the medication could not hold her right away as they feared she might drop her. it was quite the stressful and emotional time for our families, that period of our lives. There was the possibility we could have lost both of them from the complications, thankfully we did not.

I try to remember that and be thankful every time I see my daughters smiling face.

I love her so much, and she is still such a miracle and a joy to behold 13 years later. She is, my little girl.

Below is a picture of Danielle in 2000.
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Happy Birthday, Danielle!

- David