Saturday, September 01, 2007

I love my Dad

One of my biggest regrets, even more so after the divorce, is I miss my family and a few friends back east. I really miss my Dad. He is older and has assorted medical problems, and, being in his 80's, well, as much as I'd like to be be around forever, he obviously won't be. In fact, I have decided when my daughter moves out of the house I will seriously think about heading back east to live; if not then, as soon as I retire for sure! It would be great to be able to see my brother and his wife and some others from back east on a regular basis.

My Dad, unless my brother shows him on his computer, will never see this post, because the idea of my Dad getting on a computer is akin to a Southerner never drawling "Y'all"! When I was younger each fall and spring I would have to set the time on my Dad's digital watch, and change the time on his VCR displays. he did finally pick this up when I moved. My Dad is highly intelligent, but, a bit of a technophobic in some areas. My Dad on e-mail? It's just NOT going to happen!

Anyway, below is a picture of my Dad, who I love very much, and I taken when we were in New Jersey.

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