Saturday, September 08, 2007

Low expectations are the key

Once again I realize that low expectations are the key as another birthday has come and gone. For the few that sent birthday wishes, I sincerely thank you! Most disappointing, yet totally expected was that my older boy did not even call or send an e-mail. He sure knows my number when he needs will be kids, but, I never missed wishing my immediate family Happy Birthday in 51 years.

I do not understand kid logic; yesterday when we got up they both wished me happy birthday and thought I should take them to school since it was MY birthday....I thought and thought about this but failed to see how driving 30 minutes out of my way was to my benefit or related to my birthday!

After work/school, the kids and I had an excellent dinner at Braan's last night and I got my free birthday meal certificate for another steak dinner; Save the one my brother gave me in New Jersey my sole birthday present, yet a tasty one.! After that we went to Coldstone, and I said to hell with it and had some ice cream for my birthday.

We watched a bit of TV together, Danielle and I Doctor Who, and the three of us watched Monk.

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