Saturday, January 10, 2009


Friday started my week with the kids. Danielle had a doctors appoint at 3:45. She's been having dizziness and headaches steady fir the past three weeks. mainly they are bearable but she was home from school this week when she started seeing double vision because the headaches were so bad. The severity comes and gos though.

The examination caused some concerns because of the duration of the headaches and the fact she has them when she gets up in the morning so a CT scan was ordered for Saturday at the hospital. After what happened with Scott over the summer and his time int he wheelchair, I am hoping this is not a harbinger of tings to come with Danielle.

The weather was snowy, it had been snowing since the morning with a random amount between 2 and 8 inches predicted by noon on Saturday. The snow stopped around 5 PM completely and that was it for the night, in spite of the weather forecast originally calling for snow overnight.

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