Sunday, January 04, 2009

A Quiet New Year's Day

New Years Day was very quiet, with Tails and I relaxing most of the day. Scott called a bit before 8 PM asking if he could come over after work. He had a bad day at work (one of his co-workers was badly hunger over, cursing proficiently and accidentally hitting Scott with groups of shopping carts as the cleared the lot. He also mentioned his brother had friends over at the X's house, and they tend to dump on him a bit.

So, Scott came over, we watched a Physc episode from last season. While this was on his Mom (a.k..a. 'The X') called to ask if he wanted to go to Steak and Shake as Danielle wanted something from there. He wanted to stay at my house so the X offered to drop us off some food. Scott has the usual chicken strips and fires and I had a double cheese burger. We finished watching our show and segued into an Episode of Scrubs to carry us through eating our food. We then played Left for Dead for an hour on the second hardest skill level, having an excellent time.

Thus ends the Holiday season, and the large amount of posts I have been doing here these past two weeks! I am sure my posting will drop back somewhat going into the New Year.

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