Monday, January 19, 2009


Sunday started the same way as many mornings, got up, released and fed Tails kitty, puttered on the computer (e-mail and more Windows testing) and rode the exercise bike.

It was barely snowing and we even had some patches of sun, and since I found out that the X was leaving a day early for her business trip, I knew I would need to snow blow before the kids arrived sometime after 5 PM. I'll have the kids the whole week while the X is away, which is great for me since she had to travel on her week with them.

Around 4 PM I took a break from my computer activities and began cleaning the house which I had not done after the kids departure Friday. I took all the trash, a surprising amount, out with me when I went to snow blow.

There was easily 6" of snow to remove and I was pleased to see my next door neighbor had done my sidewalk up to my driveway yesterday. The snow blower made fast work of the driveway and I went inside to await the arrival of the kids. Scott had asked if Alex could come over and the three of them showed up shortly after 5.

Scott wanted to go out to dinner but I was comfortable and had no such plans in mind but I did offer to order Vitale's pizza which everyone agreed to.

Scott and Alex were playing Left 4 Dead in the family game while I continued watching the two part season finale of Sanctuary. The Pizza arrived shortly after 6 and then we played some Left 4 Dead using both XBOX systems as Scott's friend Greg had left his game disk here last Sunday. As Scott had misplaced one of my controllers Danielle and I alternated the controller up here in the living room taking turns playing.

Speaking of Greg he arrived and we switched from cooperative play to verse mode where you take turns playing the survivors and the attaching boss type zombies.

I was humbled as I got my zombie tail beaten soundly to the laughter from the kids below; I rock as a survivor, as a zombie I am sub par. After almost an hour of this humiliation I opted to go back and finish watching Sanctuary. I will have to work on honing my zombie skills at a later date!

Scott's friends left while I was watching Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull which I never got to see as the kids did not have an interest. I wish they would have watched with me, it had comedy, action, drama, and adventure. I really enjoyed it and I think they would have too.

After the movie, it was off to bed around 11:30 PM. I asked the kids to be quiet in the morning when they get up for school but as I may post later that was a wasted conversation!

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David Louis Harter said...


You will, no doubt, be pleased to learn that temperatures are dropping here. The high 70s of last week are being replaced with low 60s, and there is even a good possibility of rain for the weekend! Yikes!

- David