Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday and More Snow

I slept in, not getting up until about 8 AM. The sky was gray and the forecast....can you guess? SNOW!

The outside temperature was 1 degree above zero, so much for last nights weather report saying we would not go below 6 degrees, it must have slipped below zero overnight.

I released Tails from her room, took my medicines, and worked on installing the XBOX 360 transceiver unit on my HTPC. This handy device allows you to use wireless XBOX 360 controllers (and other accessories) on the PC, and some games just need that capability.

That done I settled in checking that the new black wireless controller I bought (which is to be dedicated solely to use on the PC) was working.

I caught up on the past week of blog posts and I'm going to test Left 4 Dead on the PC since I picked that version up on sale over the holidays. This was because the PC version of any good game is infinitely more extensible by the user community which creates new maps and levels far more often (and for free) verses downloadable additional content for the XBOX 360 via XBOX Live.

Following that I plan on a yummy yogurt shake and a ride on the exercise bike. As it is now snowing heavily and I have supplies enough for the day, I have NO plans of journeying outside, though in the past 2 hours it has warmed up to 4 degrees!

I ended up testing the XBOX wireless controller on the PC by playing a campaign of Left 4 Dead. It works great it is so cool being able to use the wireless controllers from the XBOX on the HTPC! Now it's time for the shake and then the ride on the exercise Tails will get off my chest that is.........
With it still snowing and nowhere to go I installed a beta version of Windows 7 on my PC and spent the day testing. While not allowed to go into specifics all I can say it is is FANTASTIC! Microsoft has a real winner here! Everyone should plan on buying this for their PCs!!
I spent a good portion of the remainder of the day and evening beta testing Windows 7, playing Left 4 Dead, and watching a little TV.
It was still snowing when I went to bed around 1 AM.

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