Monday, January 05, 2009

The Weekend

Friday was the first day back to work for the New Year. Lots of people had taken the day off so it was relatively quiet on the work front. I was pleased to head home though at 3 PM.

Danielle arrived around 4:30 PM and we watched some TV and, can you guess it, played some Left 4 Dead.

Scott called a bit before 6 and asked if he could come over with a couple of friends, I said fine so long as they did not expect dinner as Scott has opted out on that earlier, supposedly he was not supposed to be at my house till 8 PM or later.

I ordered Vitale's, Danielle having spaghetti and meatballs, and I having Chicken Parmesan. Since Scott was not eating with us we got cheesey bread sticks as Scott does not like them so we rarely order them.

Food was good, the evening was spent watching TV and playing Left 4 Dead culminated by Scott trying to finish the Dead Air champagne as he was trying for one of the many achievements. Try as he and his sister, and I myself a couple of times, did, he could not survive the final battle with the skill level set on Advanced. Around 12:30 AM I announced a halt to the festivities and we all headed to bed.

Saturday - I arose around 8 AM, rode the exercise bike, and busied myself on the computer. After both kids got up and we played some left for dead, I took them to First Wok for Lunch, Danielle and I having the luncheon special and Scott the usual chicken lo mien without vegetables.

After lunch we came and watched the new animated Resident Evil Degeneration movie. We all enjoyed it, and we all got a real kick out of the 'bloopers' where they took scenes from the movie and recorded funny dialog instead of the original content.

The kids left a little after 3 PM and I spent the rest of the day working on the installation of my new AV receiver (there will be a post about that when I have time.

Around 8 PM Scott called and wanted to know if he and Alex could come over here. Alex was sleeping over at his mom's but Christopher was there so they could not use his xbox. I said sure and they were here from 8:30-11:30 PM before heading out.

Sunday morning after riding the exercise bike I looked out the front door. The driveway was entirely covered by a sheet of ice! Conditions must have been perfect last night for this to occur. The street too was encased in a frosty covering of slick ice! I was glad that I had no plans of going anywhere just yet!

I finished the setup of the new receiver and programmed my multifunction remote. Finally around 2 PM I noticed the driveway has melted, and I headed off to Forest Hills Foods to pickup some supplies.

I came home and started cleaning up some of the mess caused by the install of the new receiver. After wrenching my back picking up the old receiver to box and store it, took it easy the rest of the day watching TV and such, with Tails for company.

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David Louis Harter said...

I certainly do not enjoy driving on ice. It is excellent that you needed go nowhere while the ice encrusted the roadways! This never happens in this area, fortunately, but I lived in the mountainous region above Paradise (California -- not Heaven) for two years, and snow and ice were abundant during the winter months. I loathed driving on the ice--considerably more out of fear for others flying out of control and heading in my direction than for my own driving.

- David