Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday and Snow

I arose around 8:45. It appeared no more snow had fallen and the temperature was 25. I got on the computer before riding the exercise bike and saw that more snow was on the way and would be hitting soon and falling most of the daylight hours.

Of course! I had promised Scott a trip to Costco today as he needs tires. Earlier in the week one of his tires failed completely with what looked like dry rot, and now the remaining tires are suspect. The X, whose car is better in the snow, had graciously agreed to take Danielle to the hospital for her CT scan while Scott and I attended to his car.

Danielle was up around 9:30, just close to the 'no food for four hours before the scan' deadline so she was able to have some mini-muffins for breakfast. She then disappeared to talk to friends on her Ceil phone. Got to love those free weekend minutes!

By the time I got off the exercise bike snow was falling. I got cleaned up, woke Scott about 10:45, and after my hair was dry we headed out in both cars as I decided to see if I could get some better rear tires for the Mustang because it is totally a piece of CRAP in the snow!

The roads were barely passable for me though Scott had no trouble and seemed amused by the way I was sliding in one of he intersections on the way in spite of my low speed and careful handling of the car.

We got to Costco and of course the tires for the Mustang were special order. I had hoped the drive home would be safer than the drive out. Scott was lucky on the other hand the tires for his car were in stock and half the price of the ones for the Mustang.

Upon examination and condition report of his remaining tires I decided they all needed to be replaced, and I offered to pay for half of them which Scott of course readily agreed to. We shopped around Costco, then bundled up, headed outside, and started walking across the parking lot. The storm was now pretty heavily in force and the parking lot was barely plowed. We arrived at Noodles & Company without incident and had a nice lunch. Scott having the large portion of the pasta with marinara sauce and I having their trio which is a small noodle dish (I got Indonesian peanut butter) with your choice of meat and a salad. So, I opted for chicken and a Cesar salad and we had a very nice lunch.

Knowing we still had time to kill, we once again braved the storm and journeyed further across the complex to GameStop in case they had a decently priced used XBOX game. They did not and we braved the return to Costco.

Entering the tire area we were asked if wee had Spare keys to Scott's car as they locked them inside. I chuckled because Scott has done that several times. We did not so they called a locksmith, but one of the guys in the garage was able to get it open before he arrived.

We picked up a couple of items at Costco, paid for them and Scott's car was finished.

I cleaned of the Mustang which was completed encased in snow and some ice after sitting there for two hours, and we began the slow journey back to my house. The roads were much worse and the Mustang doing badly, I went slow and steady with Scott following me in case I got stuck. Other than some slipping and sliding, a few fishtails and such we arrived back home without incident.

I enjoyed the time with Scott, though the activity itself was far from what I would call fun. We talked about a variety of subjects and had some pleasurable, amusing, and open conversation.

Scott's friend Andi arrived around 1:30 PM and we watched several episodes of Scrubs. The X and Danielle should be back soon, and I just put the makings for homemade chicken soup on the stove at 3 PM so it should be ready by 5:30. Scott has to work this evening so a nice bowl or two of homemade soup will do him good, and he'll be dropping off a container at the X's house on his way to work for her.

The snow is still falling, all in all with what fell yesterday there's about 6 inches on the ground right now.


David Louis Harter said...


I am pleased to hear that your journey to Costco was without incident.

Enjoy the balance of your weekend!

- David

Chris said...

David - It may have been without incident but stress levels were high, repeat, stress levels were high!!!

David Louis Harter said...


I can well imagine this was/is a stressful situation.

It has been in the high 70s here! It is 4:33 AM, and it is already 46 degrees. I realize that we have a very serious need for rain (and snow--the ski resorts in California and Nevada are suffering greatly!), I shall enjoy this warm weather while it lasts.

- David