Tuesday, January 20, 2009

January 19th - Stupid Monday!
Stupid Times Two!t

Note - I just realized I never published this post from LAST Monday. maybe I should call this Stupid Times Three!

I had the day off because of Martin Luther King day. I had asked the kids to be quiet when they got up, and they were not, in fact they were noisier than most mornings, so loud so I heard them outside in the driveway when they left.

Tails must have heard me get up to use the bathroom when the kids woke me and soon she was scratching at my bedroom door. I let her in, she promptly crawled under the covers and curled up next to me, and we a 30 minute nap or so.

I realized this morning that perhaps I have been playing too much Left 4 Dead (or maybe not enough?) because for the first time since playing this game heavily since last year I dreamed I was in a zombie infested neighborhood, running around with an assault shotgun shooting zombies with other survivors!

I got up, did some computing, and rode the exercise bike while watching a Dinner: Impossible where Chef Robert had to make 7000 items overnight. I did some laundry and some cleaning up, and around 2 PM I decided to head out to the store to get items for dinner for the next few evenings.

The snow plow had left a pile of debris at the bottom of my driveway (here's where the stupid part comes on) and looking at it I figured it was small enough to back out over and I would worry about cleaning it up later.

Needless to say I had seriously miscalculated the amount of ice and snow thus managing to mire the Mustang helplessly in this mess, unable to move forward or backwards. Cursing my own stupidity I went and got the snow blower.

Luckily I had enough on each side of the car to attack the snow with the snow blower. I also did behind it as close as I could get to the car.

THEN came the fun part, getting the small portable shovel and digging out behind the back wheels, as they were already over the slight downward slope into the street. When you have a bad back and a short shovel this can be quite fun! I also realized I had taken this out of the garage and it should be in my trunk.

About 20 minutes later I was able to back into the street and pull back into the driveway. I went to start up the snow blower and it would not start! (Here's where the times two factor appears) I pulled the cord until I was blue in the face! I wheeled the snow blower back to the garage and connected the AC power cord to it and pressed the electric start button/ While it turned over readily it would not start.

THEN I remembered the Run switch had not been turned back on!!! So, again cursing my stupidity I got it running and cleared the driveway.

Able to do my shopping, I did so and returned home. After getting cleaned up I put away the groceries. Scott went straight from school to work so Danielle and I played Left 4 Dead until 6 PM when I stopped and made us grilled ham and cheese sandwiches on whole grain high fiber bread with 2% and healthy choice ham. I also supplemented mine with a cup of Southwest Vegetable soup as I had Given Danielle twice the meat on her sandwiches. It was a cheap yet delicious meal.

Scott returned home from work around 8:30 and I made him some Kraft Shells with Cheese and the three of us watched How I Met Your Mother and Worst Week before retiring.

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