Sunday, April 29, 2007

A Beautiful Sunday

The kids were up late last night playing Donkey Kong on the Wii, much to my delight, listening to them pound on three sets of Bongo drums which are the custom controller for this game, which with three kinds beating on them can create a hellish racket! I was up until around 1AM, and retired, awakening around 9AM.

Looking out the window I could see it's a wonderful sunny day today and the temps should hit 70's easily. Later the X is coming over and we shall make some nice grilled steak rubbed with a savory spice mixture, some corn on the cob, and a salad! Sauteed onions and mushrooms are a possibility as well as Sunday is the day I get to eat 2000 calories instead of 1600. Plus, she is paid for the food! Again I say Whoo hoo!

I did my blood sugar and went on the computer and ending up ordering a new toy I had been tracking on e-bay since Friday; not a Shelby Mustang which is my long term toy fantasy... but and HP Digital Entertainment PC (model Z556). New they were going for about 1.5K last year. A picture is below:

I got a factory refurbished one for $499, and added a two year warranty for $61 more. It's a good warranty too, if they can't fix it they send you a check for your full purchase price.

While scrolling down all the e-bay matches for Z556 I noticed they have $80 1GB memory modules for this thing too, I may just go that route as well, particularly as searching elsewhere, the lowest price I could find for the module was around $130.

Now I can finally remove my noisy full-tower PC (which has 5 cooling fans) from the entertainment system and put it back in my downstairs office. I can then put all the shelves back in the leftmost cabinet of entertainment center. Again with the Whoo Hoo! I had been pricing surplus small form factor systems and parts for the past 10 months in an effort to do this, and I could not build something comparable for less than what I just paid. I've also been visiting e-bay during this time period too.

Scott got up while I was riding the exercise bike (Danielle was already downstairs on the computer when I got up at 9; I had heard her get us which is what woke me) and I told him in a few he could drive mt down to the pharmacy to pick up my three prescriptions thus getting some drive time. He drove much better, though, believe it or not, once again he was getting uncomfortably close to the tree across the street while backing up out of my driveway.

Once we arrived at the pharmacy he realized he had forgotten his wallet, so, after we picked up my meds and some M&M's for him, I ended up driving back and stopped at Forest Hills Foods for a few staples and to cash in some bottles and cans.

The X soon arrived as I had the mushrooms and onions cooking and we chatted about her job (her partner is giving her a real hard time) and then we interspersed watching Supernatural with making dinner. We also chatted about Christopher's upcoming high school graduation.

Scott reminded me he wanted to buy a sword (yes, you read right, my 15 year old needs a sword...) and we talked that over with his Mom. Scott does a lot of flash and filming and wants to use the sword as a prop, so I sent the seller on e-bay a query as to the sharpness of this particular item.

This is the Sword that Scott wants!!

Filming or not, 15 year old children with friends and swords is just an accident waiting to happen!

The five of us settled down to dinner which was was awesome; the Delmonico steaks were rubbed with a blend called 'Montreal Style Steak' and were grilled to perfection, along with a nice mixed salad and corn on the cob.

Instead of making the onions the way I used to with a lot of fat and oil, I simmered them in lo sodium broth with some spices for 30 minutes they poured off almost all the liquid (did that with the mushrooms too) in another pot. Then, after dinner the leftover onions and mushrooms went in there. later this evening I will add a slice or two of Swiss cheese and have some french onion style soup!

Scott headed over to his mom's because a friend ended up going there early and then she and I watched the rest of Supernatural before she, Chris, and Danielle headed back a few minutes before 3. In an hour or so will be the next ride on the exercise bike, I think i will see if I can do a whole session instead of a half.

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David Louis Harter said...


The weather was wonderful here on Sunday as well, and yesterday was excellent. Today, however, it is somewhat chilly, and it sprinkled lightly an hour ago. Rain is forecast for this afternoon. YIKES!

- David