Monday, April 23, 2007

A Trip to Wendy's

Life.....on a diabetic weight loss diet....the final frontier......

I am on a 1600 calorie a day diet (though every fourth day I am allowed 2000). I am supposed to do no more than 2000 mg sodium though less is better and NO caffeine. I may have 60-65 grams of carbohydrates with each meal and 15 with each snack (3 snacks a day)

It has been quite the lifestyle change over the past month for me. Simple things like no soda at work because of the caffeine so I drink water all day are hard getting used to. I HATE water but I drink it, every hour on the hour.

Eating out is a chore, since the kids kind of demand that some nights or the schedule does. This evening for example is Quizo's night as Monday night they have three subs at a decent price. I will get the kids that for dinner and bring it back here. While they gorge (remember the veloicraptor scene in Jurassic Park?) I will make myself a couple of healthy wraps.

On the eating out side that does not involve fetching it back here for the kids, there are some places I can go. For example, the kids love Wendy's, and I can still go there and be within my guidelines with some slight menu changes:

Before my health issues my typical visit to Wendy's was:
Triple cheeseburger with everything and bacon added
Large fries
Frosty for dessert
1980 total calories
890 calories from fat
3000 mg sodium
181 grams of carbohydrates

Now, on the Diabetic & Weight loss diet I can have:
Single burger, no cheese
Ceaser side salad, no croutons
620 total calories
340 calories from fat
1340 mg sodium
44 grams of carbohydrates

OK, let's call it radical menu changes, but, I can still go there. Note though 9 out of 10 times I eat in and make healthy meals. For breakfast and lunch on work days I have nutrition shakes. I get low carb snacks from Netrition.Com. Click on the lo-carb section plus they have many items in other categories

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David Louis Harter said...


Since you enjoy sodas but cannot have caffeine, why not consider diet root beer, diet 7-Up, and caffeine-free diet Pepsi? They are all tasty!

- David