Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ramblings of the Fat Man

Here's one of those rambling posts I do when I have not posted in awhile!

This past weekend I had the two boys as the X went with Danielle to the Odyssey of the Mind state finals in Traverse City, several hours north of here. To make a long story short her team came in fifth place, not good enough to go to world finals, but, placing fifth is no small accomplishment and we were very proud of her. She had the hardest part of their presentation basically narrating the entire thing while her teammates a line or two each.

Speaking of Danielle, sadly (yet to be expected), she is fast approaching the teen age state. Both the X and I have noticed she spends much less time with us and more time playing video games and on the computer, IM'ing, and listening to CD's. Where every day a couple of months ago she delighted in our daily ritual of going to the grocery store after my exercise bike ride, she barely wants to go anymore. Simple pleasures, like our daily race to the mailbox (she always won) are pretty much gone. While I am pleased my little girl is growing up, it is still saddening to see.

Christopher is still (though not hard of course!) looking for part time work and having no luck, probably because his mom and I have to keep after him to go and apply. It will be interesting to see how that attitude works out for him in college in July. He is so smart and so clever, yet, distressingly lazy, I do worry about him!

Scott has finished phase one of his driver education classes and now can go get his class 1 license which allows him to drive when an adult is in the front seat with him. I am proud of him and glad he is done for this stage as I was not enjoying having to take him back and forth every weekday to class since this is when I have the kids, plus, I missed him during the two hour class.

My Dad is doing worse, I called to talk to him about my health issues only to find his is further declining, he now does not know if he will be able to make it out here next month for Christopher's High School graduation.

Finally I believe the snow is over and slowly the weather is warming up; soon it will be time to get the three month weed treatment and attack the path by the side of the garage and the flowerbeds and such to try and limit the weeds. With my back I am SO not kneeling down to do weeding.

We had a few people in from GE yesterday, they are set to be our new owners as of May 4th, there is still much speculation as to what will happen to us IT folks, it will be interesting to see! There are even higher level managers coming in tomorrow and Friday that I will be meeting with. As Bugs Bunny once said "It's the suspense that gets you!"

I was very pleased to see the season premiers of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis Friday night. I also enjoyed the Stargate SG-1 Mythology special as well!

Speaking of TV, 1st run episodes from current shows I am still enjoying or just started watching...Thank God You're Here!, Scrubs, Two and a half men, Good Eats, Iron Chef America, Bloodties, Jericho, Lost, The Wedding Bells, Unwrapped, Made in America, The Secret Life of...., How I met your mother, anything on the food network with Rachele Ray, New Adventures of Old Christine, just to name a few......

The X is still having problems with her business partner; I feel so bad for her she works so hard and for so little return on her investment of time.

I guess that about covers it!

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