Thursday, April 05, 2007

No one but myself to blame.....

I've always had a problem with my weight, but, since moving to Michigan and the divorce and such it has gotten totally out of hand. Not being a drinker or a drug user, I just used food for comfort....well, literally now this has come back to bite me on the ass.....good definition of irony!

I just got back from the doctor and got results from my tests, the good news no sign of cancer cells, traces of, or anything like that, my heart seems OK too though when I am feeling less dizzy they want to do a stress test just to be safe, blood pressure a bit better today, 150/100, lungs sound good.

As of today, two weeks into this 1600 calorie diet, I am down 7 pounds. I ride the exercise bike even though it feels like it is moving because of the dizziness....with the eyes closed though that can be most amusing!

Bad news - They believe I am diabetic, and they took assorted samples to order special tests for that to see how diabetic as my fasting blood sugar was way too high. They are calling me back Monday (hopefully the results will be back then) with an appointment for diabetes counseling. Also found out my cholesterol is through the roof, new meds for that, they are hoping dizziness gets better as my blood pressure and blood sugar come under control. I still feel like crap today, this woozy and dizzy feeling is getting old fast, driving in the dark to work in the morning is an ordeal.

I will talk to them Monday about the diabetes tests results and the sessions I need to attend, and I have another appointment next Friday (the 13th!)

Am I surprised by any of this? No. Let's face it, it's my own freaking fault. I am banging it in from work today and staying home. I just don't feel up to being around my coworkers.

Life goes on. Shortly I will have a nutrition shake and then a session on the exercise bike, as I continue down the long road to better health.

A bit before four I will go and pick up Scott and take him to his drivers training, it will be good to see one of the kids today!


David Louis Harter said...


I continue to pray for the return of your health, my friend.

- David

Riley said...

Well done my friend, you've succeeded more than I have, Im fed up of trying to lose weight, I even did a 1200 calarie diet, just before the leukaemia, and I did lose 3 stone, in 6 weeks, but, sadly it turns out, major diet like that doesnt actually make me lose weight.. I swear its not biologically possible, but, it doesnt seem to work! Im generally eating no more than probably 1200 a day now, and yet, I havent lost a pound in 6 months. Depsite karate, walking, cycling... etc

Riley said...

PS - hitting a 1600 calarie diet, and starting exercise could throw you into something like a diabetic state.

Im not saying you arent diabetic, or that you are, but, your body has just had a big ol' slap in the face, the average "guy" is supposed to have a 2500 a day intake, you're doing near on half that, it could just be you NEED the food!!